Configure your Doorbell Sensor

  • Remove the cover from the Doorbell Sensor. This is a snap on cover. Squeeze the two sides to remove. 

  • Install the battery (3V CR123 not included). 

  • Within 10 seconds after installing the battery, press and hold the pushbutton (SW1) until the blue led starts to blink.

  • From your phone or computer, connect to the WiFi Network named Firefly-xxxxxx

  • The configuration portal will automatically pop up on most devices. If it does not pop up, you can access the portal through the browser on your phone or computer. Enter

  • Tap on Configure Device

  • Tap on your local WiFi network name in the list. Enter your WiFi password. If you do not see your WiFi network in the list, click on Re-Scan. 

  • See Setting up with IFTTT or Setting up with Home Assistant for the configuration settings. 

  • Click on Save once you have entered all of your settings. When the WiFi Doorbell Sensor successfully connects to your local WiFi Connection, the blue led will stop blinking and it will go into sleep mode.

  • Prior to wiring to your doorbell chime, test that your settings are correct. You can do this by removing and reinstalling the battery. This will simulate the doorbell button press. If you do not see the notification that you have setup, please see the troubleshooting section. 

  • If you need to change any settings, click on Forget Network to erase your current settings. 

Wire to your doorbell chime

  • Use the provided wires to connect to J1 on the WiFi Doorbell Sensor. The input (J1) does not have polarity and doesn't need to be connected to a specific terminal. 

  • For the green style connector (Rev A) Push the tab down on the top of J1 prior to inserting the wire. 

  • For the white style connector (Rev B) Push the stripped wire into the connector. 

  • Locate your doorbell chime and remove the cover. Many doorbell chimes have a cover that snaps on/off without any fasteners.

  • Connect the wires from J1 to the terminals on your doorbell chime. The terminals are usually labeled "TRANS" and "FRONT". There is no polarity on these terminals and can be connected to either one. Most doorbell chimes have vent slots on the sides. If this is the case route the wires through one of these slots prior to connecting to the terminals.

  • Test by pressing the doorbell button. If you receive your notification, re-install the covers on your WiFi Doorbell Sensor and your doorbell chime. 

  • If you are not receiving a notification, please visit our troubleshooting section.