Setup for Troubleshooting

  • In order to determine the problem, it is best to disconnect the Doorbell Sensor from your wired doorbell chime. This will isolate the two systems to best narrow down the cause. 

  • It is best to troubleshoot in this order. Test the IFTTT or Home Assistant Setup, troubleshoot the Doorbell Sensor, then work through troubleshooting your wired doorbell system.

Troubleshoot the Firefly Doorbell Sensor

  • The best way to test the Doobell Sensor is to remove and reinstall the battery. This will simulate what happens when the doorbell is pressed and wake up the sensor. Do this each time you need simulate a doorbell press while you are troubleshooting. 

  • If you have entered your network settings and click on save, but the blue led continues to blink. This means that the Doorbell Sensor was not able to connect to your network. Verify your network settings are correct. There are some special characters that will not work with the Doorbell Sensor. This is typically the case with wifi passwords. Try to change your home network password to something that does not include special characters. 

  • If you need to change any settings on the Doorbell Sensor, you will need to click on the Forget Network button in the configuration portal. This will erase the network credentials and other settings. Simply changing a field and clicking on Save will not change your settings. 

Troubleshoot your Wired Doorbell System

  • If you have access to a Digital Multimeter, this is the best tool for measuring the voltage being generated by your doorbell system. Set the multimeter to AC and measure the terminals at the chime when the doorbell is pressed. You may need help from someone to press the doorbell while measuring. Most doorbell systems will generate 8, 16, or 24 VAC. If your chime is sounding, but you do not measure voltage at the terminals, you may be using the wrong terminals for the Doorbell Sensor. 

  • If you have a lighted doorbell switch/button, this can sometimes interfere with the Doorbell Sensor. There will be a small amount of voltage going to the chime. Not enough for the chime to sound, but enough to interfere with the Doorbell Sensor. Most lighted doorbell switches have a diode and light bulb built into them. You should remove the diode and bulb for better performance of the Doorbell Sensor. 


  • I have connected my Doorbell Sensor and everything is working, but I do not see it connected to my network.
    • In order conserve battery power, the Doorbell Sensor goes into sleep mode. It will disconnect from your WiFi network before going to sleep. A doorbell press wakes it up to connect and send the message. It will then go back to sleep after 10 seconds. 

  • Will the Doorbell Sensor work for my doorbell? 
    • The Doorbell Sensor is designed to work with wired doorbell systems that operate on 8vac - 30vac. If you do not know the operating voltage of your doorbell system, use a multimeter to measure when the doorbell is pressed or consult your doorbell system specs/owners manual. 

  • How do I silence my doorbell chime?
    • To silence your doorbell chime, simply disconnect one of the wires that go from your doorbell system transformer to your chime. Keep the two wires connected from the Doorbell Sensor to your Doorbell system wires.