Dowload the latest relase

  • Navigate to this link to download the latest release. Download the .bin file. Latest Release

  • It is best to use a desktop computer when performing the update. Use a browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Update your device

  • Remove the battery, then reinstall the battery. This will wake up the device. 

  • Press and hold SW1 within 10 seconds to start the configuration portal.

  • Connect to the WiFi Network - Firefly-xxxxxx

  • Open your browser and navigate to (Updating the firmware will not work through the automatic popup (Apple Captive Portal).

  • Click on update.

  • Click on choose file and select the .bin file that was downloaded from the latest release.

  • Click on update. The device will automatically restart after the update has completed. Settings will be saved after the update. To verify that your device has updated, start the configuration portal again, then click on About.