Connect the Firefly Temperature Sensor to WiFi

  • Plug the Firefly Temperature Sensor into any USB power source

  • From your phone or computer, connect to the WiFi access point named "Firefly_Temp_Sensor_XXXXXX" 

  • The configuration portal will automatically pop up on most devices. If it does not pop up, you can access the portal through the browser on your phone or computer by entering in the address bar. 

  • Enter your local WiFi name and password then click save. The Temperature Sensor will restart and connect to your WiFi Network. 

  • Once connected to WiFi, the Firefly Temperature Sensor will show up in your Notifications in Home Assistant as a newly discovered device. 

Setup in Home Assistant

  • Once your Firefly Temperature Sensor has been discovered in Home Assistant, you will see a new notification. 

  • Click on the Check it out link to proceed with setup. 

  • You will see a section for ESPHome with the name of the Firefly Temperature Sensor you are setting up. Click on the Configure button.

  • A prompt will pop-up asking if you want to add the Firefly Temperature Sensor to Home Assistant. Click on Submit.

  • Select the Home Assistant Area where you would like it setup to. Then click on Finish.

  • Next, Click on the Devices Icon.

  • Find the Firefly Temperature Sensor that you just setup in the list of devices and click on it. There will be a section titled Entities. Click on the Add to Lovelace button. 

  • A Lovelace card will be automatically configured for you. Click on Add to Lovelace UI to complete the setup. 

  • You will now see the Firefly Temperature Sensor setup in the Overview section of Home Assistant along with all of your other devices. Like all other devices in Home Assistant, you will be able to change the name of the Firefly Temperature Sensor to some more meaningful such as; Freezer Temp, Garage Temp, Living Room Temp, etc.